Hero's Journey for an Educator

Hero's Journey for an Educator

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Aligning Practice with Aims of Education

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At our metaphorical sometimes literal home,  before venturing out and taking action, we need to take the time to learn about who we are, as human beings, and as educators. What are our beliefs? Have we de-constructed our assumptions about education and the world that we have been enculturated into believing as true? What are our values? What do we have to give? How can we contribute? What is our philosophy? What are your passions? What troubles you most ? What is your bliss?



The more we listen, the more we care to know our calling, the more we are called.   We are presented with opportunities, challenges, and messages that we otherwise may have missed. It is then u to us to "take the call!" to embrace it and allow it to lead us out into the unknown on a quest for whatever it is we are searching for. In this case, we are called to search for the real, the authentic education 


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